Advice for tenants from Mayhews letting agents

1: Finding you the perfect home

At Mayhews we are dedicated to finding you the ideal property to call home. We get to know you and understand your requirements, enabling us to identify the right types of property for you.

With our knowledge of the local markets in Surrey and West Sussex we will be able to guide you and help get the best property for your budget in your preferred location.

Our lettings team makes the process of renting easy and hassle free. Based on your criteria, our team will identify and email you the best matched properties as soon as they are available. It is advisable to arrange viewings as soon as possible due to this fast moving market.

2: Securing your new home

Once you find a suitable property you will normally be asked to pay a reservation fee or “Fee of Intent” to secure the property. This is paid by a prospective tenant so that a property can be taken off the market. This is generally non-refundable if you change your mind about the property or if you fail the appropriate reference checks.

Mayhews reservation fee is £300. This amount will be deducted from the outstanding costs you'll pay.

Be prepared to secure your new home

In the fast moving rental market you need to create every opportunity for yourself to secure the property you want when you see it.

To increase the chances of capturing the property you want make sure you have:

  • a form of identification
  • confirmation of address
  • cleared funds to leave a reservation fee.

At Mayhews we believe in transparency and so from your initial interest in a property, we will set out clearly all and any fees that you will have to incur. These will include the “fee of intent” which is deducted from the remainder of your move-in monies and your security deposit which is held by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, a government approved scheme.

3: References and Guarantors

References and Guarantor

To accelerate the process of obtaining references, Mayhews employ the services of a credit referencing and data collection agency, which normally give their reply to enquiries within 48 hours. Their report will be communicated to the landlord for approval.

Each person that will be on the tenancy agreement of your new home will be asked to provide:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid driving licence
  • A full credit check
  • Current landlord reference
  • Current employment reference
  • 3 months’ Payslips and Bank statements.
  • 3 months’ utility bills from your current address.
  • last 3 years’ address history

A Landlord may request a Guarantor if he/she is not satisfied with the references. The Guarantor will need to be UK based who will guarantee payment of the rent and any other liabilities under the Tenancy. References will be taken on the Guarantor as though they were renting the property. If you successfully pass the referencing checks and upon receipt of payment for reference and administration charges, the landlord will be asked to reserve the property for you for 10 days.

4: Moving in

Once the landlord accepts your offer, We can draw up your Tenancy Agreement along with any other required documentation. We can then negotiate a mutually convenient moving date between you and the landlord.

You will be issued with your Tenancy Agreement and a statement of monies invoice for payment at least 48 hours from the moving in date. This is an invoice detailing the initial monies due which include the first rental payment, the deposit and the tenancy agreement fee less the Fee of Intent payment.

It is a condition of the tenancy agreement that all tenants have adequate contents insurance prior to taking up occupancy. The policy should cover the tenant’s personal belongings, and include an additional feature of accidental cover to the landlord’s effects under an all-risk’s policy. Mayhews work in partnership with a specialist Landlord and Tenant insurance company and can arrange a quote. Their policies offer high levels of protection compared to other insurances available.

Tenants must have signed the Tenancy Agreement and presented completion monies in cleared funds prior to occupancy.

The inventory and schedule of condition will then be checked, and keys to the property will be released once funds have cleared. Keys will be available to collect from our local branch or handed over at your check in appointment from either the landlord or inventory clerk.

We will supply you with an up-to-date gas safety certificate.

5: During your tenancy

The service your landlord has opted for will determine the amount of contact you have with our Lettings team from then on.

If your landlord has chosen:

Let Only – the landlord will collect the rent and manage the property from your move in date.

Rent Collect - Mayhews will be collecting the rent on behalf of your landlord. Any maintenance issues during your tenancy will be managed by your landlord.

Fully Managed - Mayhews will be your point of contact for all issues during the term of the tenancy on behalf of the landlord.

If your property is professionally managed by Mayhews you will be contacted by your appointed Property Manager who will help you with any questions you have during the course of your tenancy. As your Property Manager they will be able to let you know of any maintenance issues or actions to be dealt with by yourself or the landlord.

It is normal for Landlords to inspect their properties over the course of the Tenancy to check all is in order. They will arrange to meet with you at the property which could be on a quarterly basis, although typically it is a couple of times a year.

If any issues arise during the Tenancy, then the landlord may visit the property more frequently to ensure the property remains in a good condition for you to live in.

6: If you want to leave...

When you are nearing the end of your tenancy period you should decide if you would like to extend your stay or move out.

You will need to give 2 months written notice (or by email) in advance should you wish to leave the property. If your landlord manages the property, you are obliged to write to them directly. If Mayhews manages the property, you need to write to Mayhews.

We will arrange a check out with an independent inventory company (carried out on the last day of your tenancy) to ensure the property is left in an appropriate condition. All keys to the property should be returned prior to the inventory check-out and no further access will be granted following completion of the report.

If the landlord manages the property, you'll need to liaise with them directly in order to arrange a time and date to meet there, complete a check out and hand the keys back.

7: If you want to stay...

If you want to extend your stay, our lettings team will follow up with you directly. We can help you complete the relevant paper work and advise you of any further checks in case your circumstances have changed.

Remember the Landlord at this stage will be within his/her rights to serve notice on your tenancy if they need the property back or there have been any persistent issues.

Upon notification that the tenancy shall not be renewed, either the managing agent or the landlord will contact you to discuss end of tenancy procedures.

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